Alpen Pharma Poland team: think globally, act locally, promote digitally


18th International Workshop this year Alpen Pharma AG held in sunny Baku. Traditionally, the event lasted for a week. Almost 370 participants from over 20 countries attended 10 training sessions.

Digital marketing seminar was the most interesting part of the marketing workshop.

– Before, I’d done a ton of courses, I’d read so many books and had spoken to so many people… and I was in confusion! I had so many ideas in my head and I didn’t know how to move forward. The annual Alpen Pharma workshop was a great way to learn from the trainers and from the other markets, to make the team of Alpen Pharma Poland up-to-date with the latest global plans, changes, and new ideas, and finally to establish a clear direction for the new marketing year, – said Wolodymyr Holubka, Country Manager of Alpen Pharma Poland. – When you are a part of global, you can gather feedback and suggestions from a range of markets. This is invaluable insight you can have in international business to drive your long term success.