About us

Alpen Pharma in Poland

The History of Alpen Pharma AG in Poland began in 2013 with the opening of a representative office in Warsaw.


80% of a staff of the Company employees consists of medical representatives i.e. a team of professionals with medical education that actively cooperates with pediatricians, internists,  gynecologists, otolaryngologist, family physicians etc., as well as with chemists and pharmacists in all Polish regions.



Today, Alpen Pharma in Poland successfully solves the challenges it faces, keeps developing and opening up new prospectives.


The Company’s products portfolio is replenished on a yearly basis and has a large number of drugs that meet the needs of a wide range of patients and doctors of various specialties.



Alpen Pharma AG in Poland successfully collaborates with medical and health care institutions, health care practitioners, chemists and patients; provides active support to the scientific and practical conferences and seminars promoting the sharing of experience, and to diverse training programs aimed at improving doctors’ skills.


Our patients’ needs have always been a priority for our employees and, therefore Alpen Pharma AG in Poland cares about the quality and safety of its products. To this end, they have launched a pharmacovigilance system to monitor the manifestations of possible adverse reactions.