VII National Pediatrics Conference “Pediatrics in search of new ways of development.”




    On March 8-9th 2019 in Lublin with the support of Alpen Pharma AG took place VII National Pediatrics Conference “Pediatrics in search of new ways of development. At the Conference Hall of the Hotel Victoria gathered approximately 300 doctors.

    During the conference were discussed new perspectives of treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis. Apicold Nasal Spray Propo with antibacterial activity can be used to relief patient’s condition.

   Also there was presented a report about treatment of chronic bronchitis with an unproductive cough. In this research showed an experience of using Apicold syrup in chronic bronchitis. Especially speaker noticed Apicold syrup’s additional antiviral activity due to Galangin flavonoid in its compound.

    Another product that was presented during the conference was Alpikol. It is first hand remedy for patients with ARVI because it does not affect the immune response and can support the body in fighting the symptoms of cold in a natural way. 

    Because of active use of antibiotics in treatment of bacterial upper respiratory tract diseases it is widely recommended to use in parallel Active Flora Baby. It contains LGG strain, the most studied lactobacilli, suitable even for premature infants.