XXI Days of Children Otolaryngology


XXI Days of Children Otolaryngology  

Poznań, 9-11.05.2019

Place: Medical University of Poznań – Conference Center


On 9-11 of May, 2019 the Conference XXI Days of Children Otolaryngology was held at the Conference Center of Poznan Medical University. There were approximately 500 doctors: otolaryngologists, phoniators, audiologists.


All participants had the opportunity to hear the lecture about pathophysiology of chronic sinusitis and perspectives of Apicold Propo use.


During the conferences coffee-brake on Alpen Pharma’s Ltd. stand  promoted Cevitt product used in case of chronic throat ache. Cevitt is recommended for wide range of indications, it provides exceptional cover of throat mucous due to hyaluronic acid component. Cevitt brings relief to irritated by exogenous and endogenous factors throat mucous. Also it usually used to decrease throat discomfort, especially in case of smokers cough, reflux, dry throat due to air-conditioning, professional speakers.


All participants got a lot of new interesting information about ear, nose and throat diseases, and had the great opportunity to be introduced to new ways of treatment and new products, including Apicold Propo and Cevitt.